Download All Facebook Photos In Your Account

Facebook has become a way of life and there are many people who are continuously uploading photos , vidoes and other information on Facebook. Until recently , there was no way to download your information that you have uploaded on Facebook. But a recent change at Facebook has now allowed users to download all their information onto their computer with a single click. However , it may be noted that the download will not be containing the information that you yousrelf have deleted.

In order to download all facebook photos in your account , follow these simple steps:

1. Click on Account > Account Settings    in upper right corner of your Facebook page after you have logged into your account.

2. Near the bottom of the page , you will see ” Download Your Information ” . Click on “Learn More ” opposite to it.

3. Next Screen will provide a Download Button. Click on that .

4. A link to Download  will be sent to your email associated with your Facebook Account.

5. Click on that link and re-enter your password information and you will be able to download all Facebook photos in your account.

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