Download Latest Linux Distros With Get Linux

Get Linux is a useful portable client which allows you to download more than 100 Linux distros , without going through the process of searching the iso file from the internet. It makes it really easy to find the most updated Linux OS distribution of your choice. Once you run the clinet utility , you get a list of available Linux OS flavours . The choice is very diverse and some of the lesser known distribution are also included in the list. Once you click on your desired Linux OS , you can find more detailed information about it which includes version of OS , file size , desktop type and country .

You can click the Download button to save it on your computer. By default the downloaded iso file is saved in the application directory itself. But you can customize the download location through Settings.

The application is currently in beta phase . It works on Windows XP , Vista and Windows 7 .  Get Linux can be downloaded from here.

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