3 Professional and Easy Website Builder Solutions

easy website builderIn this age of internet, it is impossible to think of establishing a successful business without having an online presence. You might think that having a Facebook page or being active on Twitter can be enough for your business but having your own website gives a strong claim to your own bran and provides your customers with an always online presence for finding your services and products when they search online.

And a recent study has claimed that more than half of the small business owners do not have their own websites which naturally gives a lot of competitive edge to those  business owners who have their own.

If you are wary of having your own website for the reasons like you do not have enough knowledge or time or technical skills, then there are a lot many easy website builder options which can help you set up your website in a matter of minutes without you being called upon to write even a single line of source code. The easy website builder options we discuss here are simple drag and drop solutions.

Given below are three of the easiest website builder tools which will help you set up your blog or website in a breeze with all the search engine optimization aspects already taken care of.

1. Wix

This is one of the most popular easy website builder options which is highly customizable and allows everyone to create websites in minutes which are also loved by Google. There is a wide range of beautiful website templates available with Wix so you can always find the one that suits your website and theme.

This easy website builder has an excellent fully functional online editor for helping you create beautiful and robust HTML5 websites.

2. Jigsy

While Wix is used by more than 40 million small business owners as their easy website builder solution of choice, Jigsy is more of a content management system which is excellent for news portals, small business owners , church websites etc.

Jigsy also is an easy website builder that has the drag-and-drop features which makes the website building process really simple. It has mobile friendly, responsive templates to help you take benefit from the mobile experience of users. One excellent option available with Jigsy is its e-commerce integration.

3. Weebly

This is the perhaps the world’s most popular and easy website builder which is used by more than 20 million Weebly sites. This is one of those website builders which focus on creating stunningly beautiful websites. Weebly themes help you create stunning websites in minutes without any geeky stuff on your part. Weebly has everything you will require for building your own website in minutes.

With these easy website builder options, you should not be in those 52 percent of small business owners who do not have a website to represent their business online. Take action now and establish your online presence with style.

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