Encrypt As Well As Hide Files On A Windows Pc

Even though it is referred to as a personal computer, the majority of individuals have to share their systems with members of their families. This usually leaves the files contained in such systems open to authorized persons. Anyone can open them and view the secrets they contain. The best method to hide files from other individuals who also make use of your computer is by file encryption. iDoo File Encryption offers you a fast means to encrypt files.

You can download and install a free edition of iDoo File Encryption. As soon as you begin the installation procedure, you will be required to provide your email address and a password. The password you provide will be needed each time you want to encrypt a file using the software.

hide files

There are some limitations associated with using the free edition of the program. Files can only be managed individually. If you want to encrypt entire folders and drives, you have to buy the pro edition of the program. To hide a file, click on Hide Data, after that select Hide Files. Then click on the button Add File and select any file you wish to conceal. Use this process to add all the required files, and then click on the button Hide Files at the lower part of the screen.

This procedure can also be used to stop others from reading your individual files. Click on Deny Read, after that click on Lock Files. You should then click on Add files and select all the files you wish to add. After than click on the button Lock Files at the lower part of the screen.

If you want to stop others from altering your individual files, you should select Deny Read. Select Protect Files, and then click on Add Files to select all the files you wish to protect. After that, click on Protect Files located at the lower part of the screen.

On the whole, iDoo File Encryption functions quite well, however the real test of the program is severely limited by the free edition. Letting users encrypt a whole folder instead of individual files is much more practical. The process to hide files that contain sensitive information would be a lot easier if folder encryption is possible.

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