Enjoy Free VPN with proXPN

There are more and more reasons to secure your Internet traffic , given the onslaught by hackers. Additionally governments are increasing implementing national firewalls to censor Internet traffic. These situations require that you bypass your local censorship restrictions and also secure your Internet activities. One of the tested options to secure your Internet traffic and bypass government censorship is Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) .

However VPN services are not generally free and cost a few dollars per month . However , there are certain free VPN options out there as well. One such free offer is by proXPN . It is an OpenVPN based VPN service which also offers a free account. ProXPN works for both Windows and Mac as well as iPhone/iPod Touch . However PPTP VPN and iPhone/iPod Touch functionality is available for paid subscription only .

The free version has another limit that the bandwidth is throttled at 100 kbps . So if you are looking for basic VPN to bypass censorship and secure your emails in transit , go ahead and make an account at proXPN here .

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