Does Even the Best Article Spinning Software Work for SEO Purposes?

There was a time when Google had not got very intelligent at distinguishing quality content from the crap content. However, with every passing year, Google has got more intelligent and a few years back it reached a stage where it shifted its focus on quality content because it had grown intelligent enough to tell the difference.

Before this stage people could take an original article, run it through an article spinning software and create their own unique version of the software. It was a unique version, which Google liked at that time without focusing on if it was of quality too. The article spinning software basically rewrote the article by replacing words with their dictionary equivalents. So most of the time the rewritten article was unique but not human readable. But this helped people in ranking their websites because of Google’s algorithms which valued unique content without any care for quality.

People will also use these rewritten articles for uploading to directories with embedded backlinks and got SEO benefit too. But all this is not working anymore. Even the best article spinning software will not create the content which humans will enjoy reading. There are certain premium and paid article spinning software too but again even their quality is not what can satisfy human reading experience.

So if you are looking for article spinning software for writing content, it is highly advised that you should try to write content yourself. At the least rewrite an existing article yourself without going through all the research that writing an original article entails. However, if you can write from scratch after your own research, it is the best quality content that Google is ranking these days.

If you are short on time and busy with other tasks related to your business, then you can outsource the writing part to ghostwriters who can write original content on your behalf. And another cheaper option is to buy PLR articles and either rewrite these or get some ghostwriter to rewrite these articles for you. The results in both cases will be far superior than what you will get with even the best article spinning software.

However, if you must check the quality of an article spinning software, you can try any of the following:

  • free-article-spinner
  • spinbot
  • bestfreespinner
  • spinnerfree
  • freearticlespinning
  • smallseotools

And when you would have tried these, you will also come to the conclsuion that best article spinner is human himself. All the articles by even the best article spinning software are just crap and of no value at all.

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