Why You Should Give Facebook Ads a Serious Try

facebook adsThe biggest dilemma webmasters face is bringing traffic to their websites. There are two ways to bring visitors to a website. Either you can have such a quality website with good SEO. However, this process has no shortcut. You will have to wait till Google decides to give high ranking to your website. The other process is paid advertising by which you can jump high on the listing. Facebook Ads is also one of the best methods of getting instant visitors to your website.

The paid website traffic is mainly dominated by Google Adwords program. But Facebook Ads is a serious contender now with an estimated revenue of more than $4 billion. Compared with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads program has certain advantage.

The most important thing about a successful advertisement is right targeting. The kind of data Facebook collects about its 1 billion users is a lot more than Google has. By going with Facebook Ads you can target your campaign with pinpoint accuracy especially when it comes to demographics.

Facebook has data about gender, education level, location, work and so many other fields. Apart from this, a successful advertisement campaign also relies on the fact that you should serve ads to only interested persons. Facebook has data about what a person likes, therefore, with Facebook Ads you can again target advertisements based on interests of users.

Another advantage of Facebook Ads is that it is definitely cheaper than Google Adwords. And if you can run ads about a Facebook fan page of your website or brand, then the rates are further reduced which means more audience in less cost.

However before starting any Facebook Ads campaign, you should clear understanding about following things:

  • Set you ad campaign budget so that things do not get out of control money wise.
  • Split test ads and create engaging ads keeping users in mind
  • Be sure of which groups to target and filter your targeting according to these parameters like location, interests etc.
  • Always set your bid manually because if you set it to auto, you might be in for some surprises
  • Also decide if you want to use CPC (cost per click) or CPM ( cost per thousand impressions) Facebook Ads

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