Facebook app for Android updated – gets Chat , Push Notifications

Facebook has released an updated version of its Android app to version 1.5 and has added two new interesting features.

  • Chat , which also is with a background mode , enabling you to receive chat messages while you use other apps
  • Push Notifications , with support for Android 2.2 or higher

This makes the Facebook app for android complete in some ways but it still is not at part with the Facebook app for iPhone because it only has push notification for chat and not for other Facebook events for example likes or comments.

43.4 % users of Facebook app run it with Android 2.2 , therefore , many users with older Android have been left untreated.If you compare this with iPhone, its users have been enjoying push notifications as early as January and that too without any distinction between iOS 4.0 or 3.0.

Facebook app for Android is available free of cost on Android Marketplace.

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