Why Facebook Page for Website is Important

facebook page for websiteWhy everyone is recommending Facebook page for website success? Mark Zuckerberg did not have any idea what Facebook will transform into some years down the road when he started it as a social network for his university. However, now we stand revolutionized by Facebook as far as our social networking life is concerned. Having a reach of one billion people, it is the world’s largest platform to reach people.

Initially it started as a personal social network but it has grown into something offering immense potential for businesses as well. In fact the popularity of Facebook has been further increased by its potential to reach customers and business users.

When you have a look at the Facebook groups or fan pages, you will know that almost every popular brand has a Facebook page for website of its own. And more importantly, it is not a passive presence. All these brands have an active Facebook presence. However, the power of Facebook is not just domain of big brands. Even small businesses can unleash its business power by having a Facebook page for website.

Now we discuss the question that why having a Facebook page for website is important in these times for a successful business. First of all this is an ideal medium of interacting with your customers and get their first hand feedback. Customers from almost every industry have presence on Facebook, therefore, by having a fan page, you can interact with them directly, face to face.

Facebook allows you to have a personal touch with your customers and users. You can engage with them in live conversations or comments exchange which is a lot more useful than one way TV broadcasts and advertisements. With a professional handling of your Facebook page for website, you can build a very loyal fan base which will be a living source of free publicity for your brand.

Another very important reason for having a Facebook fan page is the search engine optimization benefits it will bring. By having a Facebook page for your business, you can augment your SEO efforts. The posts and links shared on Facebook page are noted by search engines and are reflected in SERPs.

A Facebook page for website can become a source of viral promotion for your business. By sharing and re-sharing, you content may become virally popular which is extremely good for your business.

And above all having a Facebook page for website is free. With all the above mentioned benefits, you have no reason to not have your own fan page on Facebook.


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