Find My Bookmarks displays all related Chrome Bookmarks

chrome bookmarksIf you use the Chrome web browser, it is likely that your Chrome bookmarks folder is filled with a list of articles you have always wanted to find time to read. A simple but useful Chrome extension that provides a fast access menu where you will find all the pages you have bookmarked on a website you are on, is now available. It is called Find My Bookmarks.

Any time you are on a website where you have bookmarked certain pages, an icon will be shown on the URL bar, from here you can get access to any page you have bookmarked with a simple click. You will find this feature very helpful if your Chrome bookmarks folder is not organized and you can recollect the websites you bookmarked, however you cannot remember the particular page. Also, each time you visit your favorite site to view items or read articles that might have escaped your memory, this feature can serve as a useful reminder.

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