Five Best Free WordPress Photography Themes

wordpress photography themesA picture is worth a thousand words. This ages old sentence has kept its weight through out the years. People are still using pictures as a very popular media to convey their meanings and expressions. In this small article, we are going to list five top free wordpress photography themes that you can use on your wordpress blog. Just to give you an idea of how popular photography is and how you can use these wordpress photography themes to create websites based on pictures, you may note that 28 photos are uploaded on Flicker every second. In case of Instagram , 60 photos are uploaded every second. And 250 million photos are uploaded on Facebook every day. You can not escape photography. So it is a good idea to organize this huge number of photographs by using these five best wordpress photography themes.

1. Photoria: It is a very neat and clean theme that is our first in the list of wordpress photography themes. It has a photo slider as well. When you click on any photo, it takes you the page where all the photos in that particular category are listed.

2. Quick Gallery : It is our second choice in wordpress photography themes. It has a home page inspired by gallery style. The theme also supports addition of video content. The theme supports creation of portfolio galleries.

3. Photographer Theme: This is a clean, refined and user friendly theme which has been created by Thomas Hawk, who is trying to reach the number of one million processed and finished photographs to his credit.

4. Minimatica : This is a very trendy theme which is fourth in our list of wordpress photography themes. This has a sleek design which supports audio/video as well. There is the option of having a blog below the gallery.

5. Portfolium : This final theme in our list of wordpress photography themes is a favorite of photography professionals who need to show case their work by using portfolios. Each image can lead you a full gallery or a blog, which means that it is interactive.

You can use any of these wordpress photography themes and have a beautiful wordpress based photography website.

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