Follow the Problem for Making Online Money

Instead of following money, online marketing requires something a bit different – ‘follow the problem’. This is because the products that successfully address problems are the ones that gain the highest degrees of popularity.

Some such topics include ‘how to get beautiful skin’, ‘how to lose weight’, or ‘how to achieve happiness in marital life’. These problems attract people towards search engines in their desperation to solve these problems. This is how you can find out the requirements and demands of people.

Become an active part of your niche and listen to what other people have to say in the relevant conversations. Begin with a keyword research that complements your topic. Open Google Labs to check the research of the online community and to see how it varies from time to time. Observe it regularly and you’ll find many hot topics that rise up in the trend and are later forgotten, whereas other are evergreen.

Another positive quality of Google Labs is that it helps you become a part of conversations regarding topics that are trending. This way, you can get in touch with people and if you’re good enough, you can leave a strong impression on the participants of a particular conversation. This can lead to several opportunities for you.

Instead of being inactive and just listening to others, get involved and speak for yourself. Pout your ideas out for others to admire, and contribute as much as you possibly can. Act as a participant rather than being a salesperson, or else, you might get kicked out.

After making a few posts and joining some conversation, you will get all the rights to offer your recommendations and suggestions, and without doubt, they’ll be appreciated! This is one of the reasons why you should use a pseudo name, because using your original name would give others an impression that you’re using this as a marketing strategy to promote your own website.

If you locate a problem in the comments and discussions within the forum be the first one to ask others for suggestions, and if no one is able to provide one, seize that opportunity and use it to create your next product which can act as a potential answer to that particular question.

Go through major blogs and websites such as Boing Boing and Technorati. Looks for blogs that are related to your niche and areas of interest, and be sure to follow them on a regular basis. Comment on those blogs and read other people’s comments.

There might be products that have already provided solutions for a particular problem, so your task is to improve those answers, or to make them simpler for the viewers to understand with ease. Alternatively, you can add an innovative twist to those answers, or produce a low-price version of it if it is too overpriced.

On the other hand, if it looks vague, try adding more matter to it, contact reviewers to get a higher number of endorsements to move your product up the ranking. You can generate quite a lot of income by solving the simplest of problems for which the public makes use of the internet in the hunt for a premium solution.

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