Four Alternatives to Flickr for Photo Sharing

Technology has taken us so much far in so little time, however few ideas are still good as new. Still photography though invented by George Eastman about 150 years ago is still an eminent way people across the globe share their feelings, incidents and events. It’s not shocking to know that photo sharing initiated the whole social networking concepts. Though the social networking sites have taken the social networking to another level, photo sharing remains the very essential and core functionality they offer.

Along with Flickr for laymen, Facebook is the leader as far as photo sharing is concerned. They allow people to share their videos and photos of not only their loved ones but also to their acquaintances or even to the people they don’t even know. Of course these two websites are not the end of the photo sharing world. There are also very cool websites and applications available on line.

Given below is the analysis of leading four other websites offering the sharing and image processing services. These are our picks as four  alternatives to flickr.

1. SmugMug

SmugMug is a web portal which is designed to manage your photos as per your liking. With strong security and customized control over the content and folders you can decide who will view your photograph or not. You can also decide if the items are on sale or free to access. There is no limit on the amount of photographs you can have in your albums and folders. Sharing your content on famous social networking sites like Twitter, facebook is also allowed. SmugMug has the features using which you can upload photos straight from phone or camera. It can use content from iPhone, iPad, Android. SmugMug is a paid application with different packages varying from $5/month to $20/month. Basic application costs $5/ month or discounted $40/annum. SmugMug power costs you $8/month . SmugMug Power has advanced features and allows you to manage your video content as well. E-Commerce based options are available in SmugMug Pro. Costing $20/month or $150/year allows you to better manage the content for sale.

With the plugin available for popular iPhoto, Adobe Lightroom 3 or Aperture to name a few and ability to manage and edit your images with watermarks etc, SmugMug is highly recommended online application to be master of your photo business.

2. picplz

With picplz it is very easy to share content on social networking giants Facebook, twitter. Application also allows you to manage your photos on Four square. Picplz is not limited to photo sharing, rather you can also manage your photos in folders, library or directly like structure. You can mention your own feelings to the photos in form of remarks or comments. Picplz has recently collected half a million dollar as funding from Andreessen Horowitz. This online portal allows you to share content directly from your mobile phone or camera. Picplz is not a paid application; registration at is free of cost. Picplz is also offered by App store.

3. Instagram

Instagram is freeware iPhone application that with little prior arrangements allows you to share your snaps taken from you phone to your friends. Instagram has the ability to share your content on social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumble, Foursquare, Flickr etc.

The overwhelming response of 100K downloads the application received in the very 1st week of its inauguration can be taken as a success. It has features almost similar to its counterpart applications. However the convenience with which the users can share, manage and access their content gives it an edge.

4. Path

Path is an online application which along with its iPhone application allows sharing of your images with a selected set of friends. Path  ,though  a free application to use both online and on your iPhone, restricts the user to 50 friends, family and acquaintances. It is done probably to avoid the sharing of personal content with unwanted and large networks, thus making it a more one to one experience.

I hope with these four  alternatives to flickr , you will be having more choice available to you for sharing your photos.

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