How to Get Free Domain Name Registration

free-domain-namesIf you are serious about setting up a professional website, i would strongly recommend against getting a free domain name. While it is possible to get a domain for free, there are generally attached strings because you know very well that nothing is free in the business world.

Generally when you get a free domain, you need to buy a bundled service like hosting etc. Or if you get a domain absolutely free, it will be either a subdomain or a worthless domain which you will find really hard to rank in the search engines because of its spammy nature.

However, if you still feel that you should start with a free domain name, then it is possible to get it.

The first place where you can get a free domain name registration is your web hosting provider. Many hosting service providers will give you a free domain name if you buy web hosting for a year or longer terms. Some of the web hosting services will keep your domain free as long as you are hosting with them. There are others who will register a  free domain name on your behalf for the first year. Some of the web hosting companies that offer free domain registration are given below:

The other option to get a free domain name is to use a subdomain, which is attached as a prefix to an exiting domain name. So instead of owning you get If you would consider using an online blogging platform, then the options for subdomains are further opened up. We have already listed down free blogging sites where you can get a working website with your own free subdomain at zero cost. There are also many free hosting sites which offer free subdomains. Some of the popular ones are given below:

However, i would reiterate that domain names are so inexpensive these days that the first option should be to buy your own domain name instead of looking for free domain names.


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