Top 8 Free Hosting Services That Won’t Disappoint

It is not easy to find good free web hosting services because of various reasons. When you search on Google, you will get a huge number of companies offering free hosting but most of these services will not be useful enough. I will rather say, these will be irritating to use.

However, we have collected and listed below good and easy to use free web hosting services after filtering out those crappy hosts which are a pain to use.

How We Selected

The most important thing that we kept in mind while compiling this list was that these web hosting services should be easy to use and at the minimum must be having:

  • A one-click auto-installer for easy installation of WordPress or other web applications.
  • An easy to use hosting control panel
  • Must support reasonably updated versions of PHP and MySQL
  • FTP access for managing files
  • Allowing hosting of own domain

Secondly, we also took into account that most of the time free hosting comes littered with forced ads. There are other free services that will keep you on the waiting list for a long time or will ask you to post a certain number of posts on their forums before activating your free website hosting. The companies we have listed below are free to the maximum possible extent.

If you are serious about a business website, then i will not recommend that you look for free web hosting. The prices of web hosting are very affordable now and price alone should not deter you from buying paid hosting.

So if you are out experimenting with hosting, then given below is the list of 8 free web hosts.

1. Xtreem Host


It offers you a generous 5.5 GB of storage with equally generous 200 GB of bandwidth. This is more than even many paid hosts.

2. Freehostia


With FreeHostia you get 250 MB disk space and 6 GB of monthly bandwidth.

3. Zymic


It also offers a good 5 GB disk storage and a monthly data limit of 50 GB.

4. Host-Ed


The storage space offered is only 150 and the bandwidth allowance is 4 GB.

5. PhpNet


With PHPNet free web hosting you get 350 MB of storage and monthly data transfer limit of 15 GB.

6. 000WebHost


000WebHost offers 1.5 GB of free storage and a huge 100 GB monthly bandwitdh allowance.

7. Runhosting


You get a free disk space of 150 MB and 4 GB monthly bandwidth with Hosting-Engine.

8. ByteHost


This is also a good free web hosting service with 1 GB of disk space and 50 GB free monthly data transfer.

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