8 Best Places to Get Free Images for Your Website or Blog

A picture is worth a thousand words or may be even more. It also adds color to boring text on your website. And the best thing is search engines also like pictures. Therefore, using pictures on your website or blog carries positive effect for your search engine ranking. 

But pictures cost a lot and therefore are out of reach of most of those who are just starting their internet marketing journey and want to keep their cost to the minimum. The question that is often on the table is : Is there a way to get free images for your website or blog?

find free images

The answer is YES. There are millions of free pictures available on internet. And there are many websites that allow you to make use of their pictures. Most of the times you will need to attribute the picture back to the source. 

So given below are the best places to get free pictures for your blog or website:

  1. Flickr: This is the world’s largest website for free images. There are millions of images available on Flicker which you can use freely on your website or blog. The only thing they require is a link back to the original picture. If you are using WordPress, you can install a plugin named PhotoDropper and it will search and insert the picture for you, hosted on your own blog and all this with an attribution link also placed automatically. 
  2. Stock.Xchng: This is also a great website and one of the most popular one for free images. When using a picture from here, just have a look of the kind of license the picture offers. 
  3. Pixabay: This is another great resource for free pictures for your blog or website. The pictures are of very high quality and do not require even an attribution in most of the cases. 
  4. RGBStock: Another good destination for hunting free images for your blog. 
  5. MorqueFile: This is also a popular website and has a large collection of pictures. 
  6. EveryStockPhoto: This is a website that sources free pictures from multiple sources and comes up with a huge list when you search for a free picture. 
  7. Google Advanced Search: You can also make use of Google’s Advanced Image search and search for only those images which have reuse permission. 
  8. Compfight: This is also a very good search engine for finding free images for your website or blog. It also has a WordPress plugin. 

Note: Always remember to be sure of the license/permission to use the picture before you use it on your website or blog to avoid any future legal complications. You will be mostly alright with the above sources most of the time. 

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