Free Web Hosting Reviews: Importance and Where to find

Choosing a web host is not an easy decision at all. There are thousands of web hosts and everyone claims to be the best. But given the importance of web hosting for your website and online presence, you can not take any risks. A bad decision and your online presence may suffer serious down time. So how to find the best web hosting services. The simple answer is by reading free web hosting reviews.

Free Web Hosting Reviews: Why they are important

A review is someone’s experience of a service. Therefore, free web hosting reviews are important because these provide the perspective and experience of the customers. In these free web hosting reviews, existing or old users of a web hosting service share their views with the other users in an impartial manner. They touch upon the different aspects of web hosting and based on their experience give recommendation to the other users or warn the other users in these free web hosting reviews. 

Free Web Hosting Reviews: Where to find

In order to find free web hosting reviews, the best places to visit are web hosting forums. One of the most popular web hosting forum is You can always visit that forum and there is every likelihood that every good web host is listed there and some of the users would have provided an impartial and unbiased review about it. Reading free web hosting reviews on will warn of any potential danger about your shortlisted web  host. These free web hosting reviews will also give you an idea about the kind of support you can expect from the shortlisted web host. 

Free Web Hosting Reviews: Beware of paid reviews

Web Hosts also litter the internet with paid free web hosting reviews which look like free but are actually paid by the web host in cash or kind. It is therefore important that you read more than one free web hosting reviews at different places before finalizing your decision of web hosting.