7 Best Free Web Hosting Services

If you are experimenting with blogging and creating websites, then your first insticnt will be to get your hands on free web hosting services. However, it is not less than a challenge to find free web hosting services. 

Free Web Hosting Services: Why they are difficult to find?

When you search on Google for free web hosting services, you will not get less than a ton of results. However, when you will dig deeper you will know that these are more annoying than of being any use. It takes a lot of research to sift good free web hosting services from this clutter. However, we have done the difficult part for you and compiled a list of 7 best free web hosting services for you. 

Free Web Hosting Services: Inclusion Criteria

While compiling this list of 7 best free web hosting services, we have tried to focus on the most essential features and included only those hosts in the list which offer these features. 

  1. The first criteria for inclusion in this list of free web hosting services is that the web host should be offering some sort of automatic installation of script with tool like Fantastico
  2. The second most important feature that we were looking for is an easy to use control panel like cPanel.
  3. The free web host should also be running the latest stable versions of PHP and MySQL
  4. The free web host should be providing FTP access for uploading files to hosting account. 
  5. And the final critical feature that we looked at was the ability to host your own domain and not just subdomain of the free web host

Free Web Hosting Services List:

Given below is the list of 7 best free hosting services:

  1. Zymic
  2. XtreemHost
  3. Hosting-Engine
  4. Host-Ed
  5. Freehostia
  6. PhpNet
  7. 000Webhost