Free Web Hosting – Should I Go For It

Pros and Cons of Free Web Hosting and Paid hosting

If you are about to launch your website, and looking for ways to see your work online you have to consider certain choices. Most important choice is regarding company who will be hosting your website. There are several service providers who offer free web hosting and others offering at varying prices. Each approach carries few advantages and disadvantages, let’s discuss one by one.

Free Web Hosting Service:


  1. In free service domain name allocation does not cost you anything.


  1. Free web hosting is not that generous to give you whole URL of your choice, usually their name is appended someway or other. If you decide switch hosts, you can’t take the URL along with you, which may result in losing a major chunk of your current visitors.
  2. You will have to bear providers advertisements and banners on your website. You may be able to have your own, but it totally depends on host’s discretion. Host may also chose to have those annoying popup on your website as well, which will shoo away your visitors. You may not be able to post banners & ads of other sites as exchange.
  3. Bandwidth is usually low with free services. Furthermore you don’t have authority to use language and DB of your choice.
  4. Free web hosting does not have same TOC always. They may change with due course of time.
  5. Extension of last point, with a change in TOC service may not remain free anymore. You then are bound to either forget your website or pay the piper, evil piper in this case.

Paid Service:


  1. Domain name could be anything of your choice, if available of course.You are not looking forward to have your own Google, right? If for any reason you decide to switch service provider, domain name remains with you. You will keep you domain which may not be the case with free web hosting.
  2. You are paying these hosts so they maintain customer service of high quality. Almost all paid services offer round the clock service with interactive online & telephonic support.
  3. Uptime is essential for your website, if your visitors are spread across the globe. Paid services maintain good uptime, usually in high 90%s.
  4. You may chose to use any language, databases and even 3rd party components with paid webhosting services. For instance, you can have PHP as language or MySQL as DB if you want. .
  5. Bandwidth and disk space are almost never an issues with paid host.
  6. You may choose to have own website ads, popup and banner, or decide to have none.


  1. Only one, you have to spend money for acquiring services which you need not in case of free web hosting.


If you’re not making professional website then you could opt for having free web hosting services. Otherwise paid option is superior because it makes host liable for services.

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