Read These Tips Before You Get a Domain Name

get a domain name

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If you have decided on making an online business, you must have already got the advice that you must get a domain name of your own. But you can not do this  just wildly because a domain name has be selected with caution and keeping in mind many factors. Because why get a domain name which you will regret later.

But first let us briefly discuss what is a domain name and why it is so important. First of all remember that your website can be found on the internet by ordinary users by using domain name. So you have to get a domain name irrespective of whether you like the idea or not because no internet website can exist gracefully without having a domain name.

A domain name is actually your website’s address on the internet. When you get a domain name, it will be used to locate your website on the internet exactly like your street address is used to locate your physical office. Keeping in view this importance, get a domain name with the following in mind:

The domain name should be an embodiment of your brand and identity. It should not be very long because short domain names are easier for remembering, sharing and typing. There was a time when domain name used to carry a lot of advantage if it had the keyword in it but Google devalued this advantage some time ago. But the advantage is still there. So if you can get a domain name that is an EMD (exact match domain), then it is preferred because of the SEO edge you might still get.

If you are not getting a domain name based on the name of your business, then try to have one that is memorable because people will find it easier to memorize it and return to your website. Otherwise they will forget your website.

If possible, stay away from using numbers or hyphens when you get a domain name because these domain names look unprofessional most of the time.

It is strongly advised that you do not use any third party trademarks and names when you get a domain name because you will regret it later and might loose the domain ownership if the trademark owner files a complaint.

Always try to go for .com top level domain in most of the cases, unless you have a special website which requires extensions like .TV. Google is known to favor .com domains in search engines, though they officially deny giving any preference to any top level domain.

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