5 Tricks of Getting Indexed in Google Search Engine

getting indexed in GoogleOnce you have made a website, you need visitors for that website. The easiest and cheapest website traffic comes from search engines and mainly from Google. However, for getting that traffic you must know steps of getting indexed in Google.

There are mainly three steps towards getting visitors to your website:

  • getting your website crawled by search engines
  • getting it indexed in Google
  • getting it rank high in search results.

An important aspect of getting indexed in Google is to know the difference between getting crawled and getting indexed. When Google’s search spider comes to visit your website, it is called crawling but when Google adds your website pages to its indexed, it is called getting indexed in Google. Visit of Google spider is no guarantee that your website will get indexed.

Given below are some of the tips of getting indexed in Google:

First of all make a Google Webmaster Account and submit your website there. Google Webmaster Tools have other important ranking data too but it is important that first you add your website to Google Webmaster Account. Inside you have got the option to let Google know of your newly updated or created web pages by using Fetch as Google option. This generally speeds up the process of getting indexed in Google.

The second tip is to add your XML sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. XML sitemap guides Google about your website content and architecture. It also lets Google know when you update your website with a new content.

Getting inbound links from highly active sites is also a sure way of  getting indexed in Google because Google keeps visiting these heavy traffic websites quite frequently and when it comes across your backlink it follows and indexes your website.

Another very useful trick is to creating a Google+ page for your website and adding a link to your website in the about section. Google somehow gives certain undisclosed advantage to Google Plus and links appearing on Google Plus pages do get visited to give a boost to its social network competing with Facebook.

Another sure way of getting indexed in Google is to keep adding fresh content. When Google finds your website getting updated regularly, it visits more often which means it will index your page with more frequency and more quickly.

Given below are some of the factors that can affect your website getting indexed in Google:

  • Your website server might be down or its DNS might be clogged up
  • You might have bought a domain that has been earlier penalized by Google for spam. In order to be sure, add your website to Google Webmaster Tools and check for Manual Action.
  • Robots.txt file might be blocking some pages from getting indexed
  • Sitemap errors can also result in pages not getting indexed in Google


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