Things to Consider Before Going Live with Website

make a website liveWhen creating a website, you have to keep in mind so many things at the same time. Of course the first important decision you are going to make is between selecting a website that sells goods, products or services also called eCommerce site and the site that provides useful information to users called informational website. Or may be you want to create a service or hobby website.

Once have decided the type of website yours is going to be, there are many other things in the next steps which you should carefully evaluate before you make your website live.

What is Target Audience

Have a high level look at your website and ensure that it is ideally suited for the target audience for your website that you have in mind. Your message will not be able to reach the target audience if you have selected a very broad audience for your website.

Make Use of Social Media

No modern website can gain success without use of social media, therefore, before you make your website live, ensure that your website has social media buttons on it.

Provide Users with Ways to Communicate

Always ensure before going live with your website that your visitors have easy access to a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, are able to comment, and also possibly a forum where users can interact with other users. It is all the more important that you yourself are an active participant when your blog goes live. Your visitors will love if they feel that they are engaged on your website.

Content, Check Again!

Try to engage a professional who can give a review to your content for any grammar errors. Also seek opinion from other independent friends before you make your website live. All the content on your website should be engaging and make use of suitable keywords in the headline of your articles and also in the first paragraph of any page.

Get to Know SEO

Search engine optimization basics will come really handy. It is important for ranking your website in search engines that you have knowledge about using appropriate keywords and important meta tags.

No Broken Links

Either look yourself or hire a professional to ensure that all links on your website are working as desired. Nothing is more annoying and frustrating to the visitors than broken links.

Follow an Editorial Calendar

Before you make your website live, learn how you can create your own editorial calendar. By following an editorial calendar you will keep abreast of the latest trends. It is also an indirect way to keeping yourself highly organized for best productivity results.

Analyze Your Competition

Before you make your website live, it will not harm you in any way if you review your competition for creativity ideas. Also engage yourself with other bloggers and seek their unbiased advice and opinion. Try to occasionally guest blog on other blogs.

Check if you Need Permission

If you are quoting from some other source or using their content, especially double check the rights to photos if you are using any.

These are some of the most helpful tips which will help you before going live with your blog.

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