How to Put Good Keywords to Use in Marketing Campaigns

You should have evolved a complete system for making use of keyword phrases. These keep on changing from niche to niche and from one marketer to another but the it is always beneficial if you have a spreadsheet through which you can keep track of everything you might have done with each individual keywords. This will ensure that you do not get confused at all. 


Keyword implementation is a long term journey. It is not a thing you do in a night or a week. We start with the assumption that you have collected and then complied a nice list. After cleaning it and organizing it, you are now all set to start making use of these keywords and phrases. Given below is an action plan for each of the keyword:

Good Keywords Usage Action Plan

  1. Write a follow-up email having the keyword phrase in the title. When doing so, also ensure that you have enabled twitter so that your email gets tweeted as well. 
  2. Next write a blog post with keyword in the content and in the title.
  3. Also write a good article with the keyword in the content and the title and publish it on Ezine Articles. 
  4. Also get a Squidoo lens reserved with the URL having the keyword in it and also using the keyword in the module titles and in the content. 
  5. Create a Hub page with the keyword phrase in the content and title. 
  6. If you depend on using Pay Per Click traffic, start a marketing campaign with the keyword phrase in the ad title and ad space on Adwords and keep a track of the conversion rates for that keyword. 

Now repeat this process after moving to the next keyword in the list. Do’nt create content in haste for these keywords because you want to create content that is like a seed that will blossom in the years to come. It is therefore imperative that the content posts are very high quality. This will make your post popular and people will share this via bookmarking or email and it might even go viral. 

When you do not have enough ideas to say about the keyword, invest in some good quality Private Label Right content (PLR ) which will work as a springboard for your content creation needs. It is also useful if you are just tired of writing but still want to use the keywords in the articles because with PLR you have the rights to edit and alter the content and make use of the keyword phrase in it as exactly you like – and the best thing is that you can affix your name as the author of the content.

Another favorite place for finding fresh ideas for keyword usage is the forums related to your niche. You can search for exact niche forums by tying in your seed or broad keyword along with forum (without quotes). Visit the results and look for what people are looking for and searching. 

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