Google Earth 6 Released: What is new

The latest version of Google Earth 6 has been announced by Google and is available from today for all famous operating systems i.e Windows , OS X and Linux. Here is a brief overview of the new features available in Google Earth 6.

  • Google Earth 6 now has integrated street view of Google maps. Pegman ( the little yellow guy that acts as your guide is now available alongside navigation controls ) . So you can go directly from the orbit of the earth to any of your favorite place. But beware! this can be quite disorienting and spinning a journey.
  • This version also adds support for 3D trees which were not available so far. This will naturally beautify the landscape and you can take a straight path without walking into trees. These 3D trees also serve as uplift for the environment.
  • Google Earth 6 also now supports historical imagery in a better way. For example you can view the capital of Haiti before and after the earthquake. This feature was available in Google Earth 5 as well but it was not easy to locate and use it. With this version , the oldest historical imagery will be appearing in the status bar at the bottom.

To sum things up , Google Earth 6 offers a lot of improvements but it hardly can be categorized as a major update or upgrade. All those people who love Google Earth 6 are going to grab the new version at their first convenience. But if you have never used google earth , here is a video that might make your mind.

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