Get Ready to be hit by Google Penguin 2.0 Update

Google is constantly updating its algorithms to sort out the spammy websites that are trying to game Google search results. Its Penguin update was biggest so far and hit some very long established websites due to shady practices. People lost millions of dollars and established businesses overnight. But Matt Cutts is saying that Google is very near to pushing through even bigger Google Penguin 2.o update.

Comes Google Penguin 2.o Update

But now get ready for something even bigger. Get ready to be hit by Google Penguin 2.o update which is going to be effective this summer. According to a video posted by Google’s anti spam head Matt Cutts on his blog, Google is very near to releasing Penguin 2.o update. And when Matt Cutts mentions something it affects SEO in a big way. And this video by him is talking very clearly about further tightening the grip against spam sites. 

According to him SEO world is going to be affected by the Penguin 2.o update in many ways. Matt Cutts says that penguin 2.0 is more comprehensive than its earlier version. 

Google Penguin 2.o and Paid Posts/links

One of the new things he mentions is advertorials and paid posts and links. These practices are going to be hit by Penguin 2.0 update. He particularly mentions that any paid posts or advertorials should not flow page rank and this will be taken care of in Penguin 2.o update. And to Matt Cutts the paid posts and advertorials should be OK but there should be clear disclaimers on such pages and as earlier said, these should not pass on page rank. 

Another thing that is going to be affected is cluster search results which means that less cluster results from a single site/domain on a page. He also mentions that Google is trying to help the hacked sites. 

He also disclosed that Author rank is going to affect search results too. But in short Google penguin 2.0 is going to hit harder at spammy links and spammy websites. Get ready to be hit by Google Penguin 2.o if you have been ‘hanging out at black hat forums and getting spammy SEO tips packages.’

Here is the video by Matt Cutts posted on his blog: 


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