The Importance of Google Plus for Website SEO

google plus for websiteNo one can deny the importance of social media in website promotion. It is one of the most useful ways to get loyal website traffic. Who can deny this when we see that Facebook has crossed one billion users which spend a lot of time, in fact highest engagement rate on internet, on this channel. Google has tried in the past to have its own social network and was not quite successful but its latest attempt, Google Plus, seems to have taken off. So what is the importance of Google Plus for website?

First of all let us go by numbers regarding Google Plus for website importance. Google+ has crossed 300 active users mark which clearly means that it is not some kind of ghost town which some people very often say. It is in fact now the second most widely used social media platform after Facebook with users that are scattered across 31 markets.

However, the most important reason that you should have a Google Plus presence is the impact of Google Plus for website SEO. And i am saying this even if none of your clients are present on Google Plus social media themselves.

Most SEO gurus agree that Google+ activity has bearing on SEO. I am sure you remember that Google Plus is from Google itself, the dominant search engine. Google+ page is treated like another website page. Your activity on Google+ sends clear signals to Google for giving you boost in SERPs. This potential improvement in search engine ranking in itself makes it very important that you use Google Plus for website.

If you are skeptical about actual use of Google Plus by marketers, let me tell you that almost 40 percent of marketers make use of Google+ as a medium for promotion of their products or services.

Therefore, you must create a Google Plus page for your website or business if you have already not done this.

Another important thing you need to do is to claim your Google+ authorship which you can do by linking your Google Plus profile to your blog. This can be easily done using YOAST SEO plugin. This will establish your first claim on the content you create on your website.

Also never forget to add your website link to your Google Plus page because this is a powerful backlink that is coming from Google itself. Also get your hands at the Google+ custom URL for your website.

The last thing that you should consider regarding Google Plus for website is to add a +1 button to your website. By doing this you can expect to see a three times increase in your traffic over a period of time.

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