How to Keep Up With Google Updates and Adjust Marketing

google-updaetsGoogle updates are quite frequent now which simply means Google makes some changes to its search algorithms. But these changes have caused serious headaches to many sites. However, updating guidelines and bringing changes is what every search engine does.

The basic purpose of these Google updates is to improve the search results to present users with the most relevant and valuable ones and improve sites rankings. However, when algorithms are also involved, things are quite shaken up.

A website rankings can be hit really hard. And it can quite possibly bring a site many positions or even pages down from the once higher search results ranking. However, these Google updates are basically directed at catching those sites which are not following the rules of SEO.

However, there are many cases where even those sites which have been following rules to the core are also hit. If your organic traffic dropped or ranking dropped, it can be a very strong indication that you have been hit by Google updates. It might be resulting from certain reasons.

The updates from Google has penalized sites that were had repetitive content on their pages. The primary target of this action was to improve search quality by removing sites that were copying content extensively.

However, this also has resulted in some legitimate sites also being penalized. You can use SEO Enigma to approach how to keep your money sites from getting penalized by Google updates. It is a program that has been created with a view to clearly spell out what is not working and what works.

If you are an affiliate marketer that is promoting a product which others are also doing and you have the content which is same as on many other sites promoting that product, then you will most likely be caught. It is not because you have written about the same product in the same way like others but because of the identical content penalty.

The answer to this very simple. Just always use unique content on your websites. Avoid using the same words, irrespective of whether you are using the same product. You should describe the product in your own creative words and not copy/paste the description from some other site or even from the product website.

Another area where Google updates can hurt you is the case where you have a lot of white spaces on your website without significant content because it is not beneficial for the users. And another thing to keep in mind is to have good amount of content above the fold.

If you are using very big fonts above the fold on majority of your pages, then you will be bused soon if not already. There is simple explanation to this: your big words are using up big space which means user will not be able to access enough content when he first visits your page and giving him or her the opportunity to judge the value in your site.

It is quite fine to have a lot of content below the fold but the user should get a enough information above the fold too before needing to scroll down.

All that is need to notice the changes from Google updates is to type a query in the Google search box. And you will immediately notice that huge font sites that were highlighted previously at the top of the search results page are no longer being highlighted in the same way. This is being done by Google to give more exposure to the ads so that the visitor is more inclined to clicking on ads than on other sites.

The best possible way to fight these changes is to fill your site with high quality content. Have a close scrutiny of your backlinks and also limit using ads. Your headlines should be carefully created because you get even fewer characters to display in the search results after these Google updates.


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