Google Web Hosting: Host Web Sites Free

google-web-hostingIf you are just starting out on building your own website and are short on budget then Google Web Hosting is for you. You might note that when you are done with designing your website, you will require a web hosting to keep your site online twenty four hours a day. There are many web hosts who charge different prices for hosting your websites and some of these are really affordable but nothing beats the free Google Web Hosting.

This service is called Google App Engine and you can host web applications on it. Many websites are already hosted with Google Web Hosting e.g Tall Tweets and Sleeping Time.

Hosting your website on Google Web Hosting has its advantages as well. First and foremost your website will be served from Google data centers which adds an assuring element of reliability and speed. The second big advantage is that if your website does not have lot of traffic, which in all likelihood will be the case, you will be hosting your website without even spending a single penny because Google Web Hosting is free for 1GB storage space and 1GB of bandwidth per day. If you go above these limits, then Google will start charging you.

In order to host a website on Google Web Hosting, you need to go to and create a new application there. A mobile verification is required for the first time. Now download Python and App Engine SDK from and App Engine SDK from respectively and install these.

Create the Website and do necessary configurations in app.yaml file. Next go to start menu>App Engine Launcher and choose File>Add Existing Application and select the folder where you have saved your website. Next hit the deploy button. You might be required to give your Google account details and once done your site would have been uploaded on Google Web Hosting. It will be available at  where abc is the name of your application that you gave in the very first step.

The websites are hosted on Google Web Hosting as subdomains of but you can buy your own domain and then map the application from App Engine website to your purchased domain.


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