Google Web Hosting Plans: Pricing and Features

google-web-hosting-plansIn our earlier article we described how you can host a website on Google Hosting also called Google App Engine. If that was not very difficult, which of course was not for someone who is into building websites, now were are going to share with you Google web hosting plans. The first thing you should know about Google web hosting plans is that they are cloud based and you are billed for what you use. The Google web hosting plans are based on per app pricing.

Google Web Hosting Plans Details

Google web hosting plans are divided into three types. First plan is called Free Plan. The free plan has the following features:

  • 28 free on demand instance hours per app per day
  • 1GB high replication data storage
  • 1GB outgoing bandwidth and
  • 1GB incoming bandwidth

This free quota is available to even paid apps well. In addition to these features Google web hosting plans also include different types of API usage quotas. If you go above the free limit then you are charged for API usage as well.

Paid and Premier Google Web Hosting Plans

The second of Google web hosting plans is called Paid plan. It is $9 per app per month. The pricing if you exceed the free quota provided for the app is as under:

  • $0.08 per hour for front end instances.
  • $0.24 per Gigabyte per month for data storage above 1G
  • Outgoing bandwidth is $0.12 per Gigabyte.
  • Free unmetered incoming bandwidth

The above pricing structure is applicable for the third of Google web hosting plans called Premier. It is priced at $150 per account per month which means that the pricing is not on per app basis but per account basis. The other difference between Premier and Paid plans is the operation support. Both Paid and premier Google web hosting plans feature SLA and unlimited scalability.

Google web hosting plans are cheap and it is easy to create websites with them. The two key benefits you get with Google web hosting plans are usage based pricing and free quota per app. You can scale your Google web hosting plans if your website performs well and you need more traffic,storage and other resources.

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