Great Charts For Powerpoint With Oomfo

Powerpoint is great for preparing presentations. It is so easy to use and Microsoft is adding newer functionalities with each new version of Powerpoint. However , inorder to make an impact in a presentation , you need more than just facts and figures and data . You need it to be graphical and animated. However , internal chart functions available in Powerpoint are also very good but they have been overused in presentations time and again. So when people see an inherent powerpoint chart , they feel bored.

Oomfo solves this problem and provides an array of fancy and beautiful charts. It adds flash based charts into your presentations. After it is installed it just appears as a toolbar in your powerpoint and you can add great charts for powerpoint from there in easy steps. On Microsoft Powerpoint 2010  , this toolbar will be available under Insert tab.

You can Download oomfo here.

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