Does Guest Blogging Give SEO Boost?

guest blogging

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One of the most popular methods of getting backlinks and a related SEO boost has been guest blogging. This means writing content for other related blogs or websites to your own free of charge and in the process get a backlink to your own website.

Since guest blogging is mostly done on the websites that are related to the niche of the guest blogger, therefore, Google considered these backlinks ans powerful links. But this method was overused by the internet marketers to the extent that in Google’s Penguin updates, its effect was considerably reduced.

In fact Google went against guest blogging networks quite aggressively and imposed manual penalties on two or three of the most popular ones and considered these spammy links.

There are two ways of guest blogging. In one form you write original content for a website which is not available on your own website. And there are also some websites that can accept high quality content that has already been published on your own website too. However, always ensure that you take care while publishing duplicate content on other sites because Google might give higher ranking to the guest blog post if that other website has higher pagerank and stronger backlink profile.

Therefore, it is always advisable that if you plan to guest blog with one of your own posts, then you should submit it only after it has been indexed by the search engines as content on your own websites.

However, considering guest blogging only as something that had SEO benefits is wrong. As a matter of fact, guest blogging is for the eyeballs attention. When you post as a guest blogger on some other website that is an authority site or is very popular, then by getting your post published on that website, you are gaining exposure for yourself and your own brand and in the process might also get visits to your own website and from there add these eyeballs as your own reader if they find your website of high quality too.

In short, guest blogging has been significantly reduced as an SEO factor but still you get backlinks in the process of guest blogging on other websites which are always valuable if they are not spammy. However, never publish content from your website as a guest blog post on another website without a backlink to your own website.

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