How Change Website Host Without Downtime

Change website host to new host with no downtime

Sometimes it is necessary to change  website host because of many reasons like performance, security, payment options etc. Given below are steps you need to take in order to make sure that your website goes down as little as possible when you change website host

  1. Register with the new host before actually removing yourself from old provider.
  2. Make a copy of your whole website content & DB. You can use some FTP service or cPanel backup application. Both FTP and cPanel could be used to restore whole website to the new host server. You may need to reorganize your folder if using FTP.
  3. Once all the content and DB is moved to new account, domain name server also needs to be changed. Ask your new host to provide you a temporary address. You should use that to test if website is working fine before going live. Once satisfied only then change domain name server.
  4. Now update your domain name server by dropping an email to registrar of domain name. Use name server provided by the new host.
  5. Give good time say 3 days for your domain name new location to be fully recognized.
  6. Now you may proceed to cancel your account with old host.

So following these steps you can make sure that there is no downtime whatsoever of your website when you change website host and now you are moved to hopefully better server never to switch again, fingers crossed. cPanel is your best companion to help out, however make sure to have the frequent backups throughout the process and after you change website host as well.

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