How Excessive Use Of Gadgets Is Creating Health Problems?

computer and health problemsPeople can’t stay off their favorite gadgets. People might have their own justifications for doing so, but it has become a cause for concern in the medical fraternity. These kinds of gadget obsessions has given birth to several severe medical conditions like ‘Blackberry syndrome’, ‘iPad elbow’, ‘text neck’, etc.

People across the world are complaining of health related problems that were not heard off even a decade ago. The article is therefore, dedicated to create some awareness about proper use of gadgets. This will help people to take preventive measures to avoid any painful experience.

Gadget inflicted health problems

Here some medical conditions that are caused due to irresponsible use of gadgets, along with their respective antidotes:

  • Blackberry thumb – This happens due to incessant texting on the cell-phones or on other mobile devices. The affected part of the body is the thumb and so the name ‘Blackberry thumb’. Basically, due to continuous typing on the cell-phones or similar devices the tendon of the thumb is put under a lot of strain. As a result, the delicate connective tissues of that part of finger muscles undergo wear and tear. The problem is judged on the intensity of use of the thumb and the time provided to get the wear and tear repaired naturally. If the problem is not treated in the budding stage, then it may become a chronic ailment.

Antidote – The strained thumb should be given a considerable time to rest.

  • Text neck – It is a medical problem caused due to long time use of portable computing gadgets like tablets or smartphones. Teenagers are most prone to this ailment. This is because the trend of text messaging to update friends and parents regarding everything is rampant amongst the adolescents. However, even matured, grown people are also succumbing to these problems. The cause of the problem is stooping down to write messages for long time at a stretch that puts a lot of stress on the neck its subsequent spines, the shoulder girdles and the neck muscles.

Antidote – Avoid stooping down for long hours at a stretch. Moreover, the backbone should be straight while sitting in front of the computer or working on the mobile devices.

  • iPad Elbow – It is recurring muscular condition where a wide variety of muscles get affected. iPad elbow affects tendons that connect to the wrist, the antagonistic muscles of the elbow and the finger muscles. People who regularly hold gadgets of more than 2-3 pounds of weight (for example iPads, laptops, etc.) for a long time suffer from this ailment.

Antidote – People should buy tech accessories like iPad holder or laptop tables to rest the gadgets on them.

Finally, people should take care of their health to work better and earn more. The name of the ailments may seem to be quite phony but they cause a lot of pain and agony. So, it’s better to take measures to stay out of these problems.

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