How Much Does a Website Cost for Beginners

how much does a website costMoney is what drives the world. So the natural question from people who are trying to make money online is “how much does a website cost?”

The answer to this question can be both ways. Website cost can go in millions and it can cost very little, all depending on what kind of website you are looking for. If you will be looking for making a custom design website, then it can cost quite a lot, at least a few thousand dollars because website design cost for such websites is very high. Website designing is a costly affair, so naturally it means a website cost will be high for custom designed website.

However, there is another answer to the question of how much should a website cost? If you go for a website based on WordPress, then it will cost under $200 for making a website. And there are many benefits when you create a website with WordPress:

  • You do not need to hire any website designing company
  • You can build website all by yourself
  • There is very little learning required on your part

So for beginners the answer to question of how much do websites cost is simple: it does not cost a fortune. Given below are the actual costs you might expect when you are making a website with WordPress:

  • Buying a domain name –   up to $15
  • Buying Hosting –  between $50-$100 (One year web hosting cost)
  • Buying premium WordPress Theme  – $50 (this is optional)

So the answer to question of how much does a website cost is that you can start a website in under $65. If you spend on the higher side for hosting and other premium theme, then still you can be sure of starting a website in under $200. How much does it cost to make a website question should not worry you then because it is now extremely cost friendly to start a website. But keep in mind that the cost of hosting will still be required even if you hire a website designing company. Therefore, the website cost for a site based on WordPress is almost negligible.

What Skills are needed for starting a website

If you know how to use internet, you can build a website with WordPress. Cast away your doubts that it involves something really technical and geeky. With WordPress, website creation is a piece of cake. You will be done with your first website creation in under 15 minutes after buying domain and hosting. We have a detailed tutorial on how to start a wordpress blog which you can follow to make your own site in minutes.

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