How to add Youtube Videos to Powerpoint Presentation

How to add Youtube Videos to Powerpoint Presentation

There are many occasions in your office working which require that you add youtube videos to your powerpoint presentation  or you may want to improve your powerpoint presentations by adding youtube videos . We are going to learn this . Every step shall be explained with the help of pictures so that you can easily add your youtube videos to your powerpoint presentations without any technical issues.

Step One: Downloading Youtube Download Software

Download this free software called FREE FLV Converter . This is 100 percent free and to download without any infections , download this software from the original website.With the help of this software we will download the desired youtube video to our computer: Here is the Link to download


Step Two: Installing Free FLV Converter

After Downloading the software , run the .exe file which will start the installation process

Double Click the installer

Uncheck the I agree to the terms of use to avoid installing toolbar.
Step 3 : Running the Software

Click the Link on your desktop

This will open the software where we will download the youtube video. Now for Downloading the video follow these steps . Copy the url of the youtube video .
Click Tube Downloader Button And paste the Youtube URL  in the Input URL box of the software. Now change the output format to wmv and output path to desktop.Now click the + button. Video will download and convert to wmv format which we shall insert in the PowerPoint presentation in the next step.

Step 3 : Inserting Downloaded Youtube Video in the Powerpoint Presentation;

Open Powerpoint

Click insert >Movie>movie from file>    and then give the path of the downloaded file. and click ok.

Your video has been inserted . Test as View Slide Show and save your presentation.

For any clarifications and issues you may ask me. Hope you find it helpful. Thanks for Reading.

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