How to Automatically Backup Documents to Cloud

Cloud storage is the buzz word . Cloud storage allows us to store our documents and files online which we can access anywhere irrespective of the device. However , most of the cloud backup services require that we periodically back up the latest files ourselves to the backup service . However , SurDoc , a cloud backup service does the backup automatically and syncs your latest files to the cloud storage .

Once you have installed SurDoc , you will be able to choose the folders you want to backup to cloud storage automatically . SurDoc offers a generous free 10 GB space .First backup will take some time . However , later backups will be smooth and transparent . The stored documents can be accessed through any device by visiting .

SurDoc for Windows can be downloaded from here . SurDoc is a decent cloud backup service . The best thing about SurDoc is that it automates the documents syncing process.

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