How to Boost Wi-Fi Network at Home

Wi-Fi has become the important part of our computer equipment but it is still frustrating to set up. If you are facing problems like bad reception, slow speed or any other Wi-Fi related issue, follow the steps given below to improve your Wi-Fi network at home.

10.) Using the Latest Technologies of Wi-Fi

The best way to ensure your Wi-Fi network is reliable and fast is to keep your hardware updated. You need to have basic knowledge of hardware before you should go out and buy stuff. The most important thing you should know is that if you find one of the fastest routers around, you would also need to have your wireless card updated with same technologies.

9.) Finding the Perfect Place to Put the Router

A router might not be the most pretty looking thing but that does not mean you have to hide it. To get the best signals, you will have to put it in such a spot with no obstructions or walls. You need to keep the antenna vertical and make sure the router is elevated. You should also try to keep the router in the center of your home, so you can get the best signals all around the house.

8.) Finding the Proper Wireless Channels

If your neighbors have a Wi-Fi router, its signals might be interfering with the signals of your Wi-Fi router. A Wi-Fi router can work on different channels; you can change your routers channel to reduce interference by using tools like Wi-Fi Analyzer or Wi-Fi Stumbler. Both of them will find a different channel for your router.

7.) Getting Rid of Interference from Different Appliances

Routers are not the only things which can interfere with your Wi-Fi signals. Things like microwave, cordless phones and a few other appliances can also muck your Wi-Fi signals. You can buy a duel band router or a cordless phone with different bands to reduce the interference. You can also move your Wi-Fi router to a different spot to reduce the interference, this way you won’t have to buy any new hardware.

6.) Stopping Wi-Fi Thieves By Adding Better Security

You should always have a password on your Wi-Fi router but even that can be easily hacked. You should also download apps to inform you if someone is using your Wi-Fi. Having a WPA password is really important, they can still be hacked but that requires some extra work.

5.) Controlling Bandwidth Hogging Applications

Things like video chat, torrent files, online games or Netflix can slow down your bandwidth and it can make the internet run slow for other users. If this is the case at your house, you should use Quality of Service (QoS for short), which QoS you can add priority to some adds like torrent files over others like Netflix.  This way the important application will have the bandwidth they need.

4.) Increasing Your Wi-Fi Range by Using DIY Tricks

If the signals of your Wi-Fi router still don’t reach far enough, you should use the simple DIY tricks to extend its range. You can use things like tin foil, old bear cans or even a cooking strainer. Even though the result isn’t mind blowing, it will still give you a little extra boost of signals.

3.) Boosting Your Wi-Fi Router’s Signals with Hacking

You can also increase your signal range by hacking your router and installing the DD WRT firmware. This firmware will give you extra security and enchainment features, plus an option with which you can boost the transmitting power of your router. This might be a bit dangerous for some routers while most other routers can easily handle a 70 mW increase without any issues.

2.) Turning an Old Wireless Router into a Wi-Fi Repeater

If you still have range issues and you don’t want to buy any new hardware like an extender. You should use your own old wireless router as an extender, all you have to do is install the DD WRT firmware and put it in. though you might not have a fast connection as your primary router but you will have Wi-Fi signals all round your house.

1.) Setting up a Reboot Schedule for Your Wi-Fi Router

Most people have to restart their routers now and then so that it won’t drop out. If you are one of those people, you should first run a test and make sure that the problem is not caused due to overheating, old firmware or too much downloading but there is an easier way, you can simply add a schedule reboot time to your router. This can be done with the DD WRT firmware, once you set up the schedule it will now reboot once a day and you don’t have to worry about going to your router and rebooting it.

Once you have done these tweaks, you will find that your Wi-Fi is now faster, more secure and more reliable than before.


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