How to Boot up Your Computer Fast

@LAFDtalk - Sorry to hear the social media computer is ill. H... on TwitpicIt is really annoying to see your computer booting up . In fact in certain cases , it can take literally waste many minutes of your precious time. Here are our tips that should help you speed up your computer boot time :

  • Play a little with your BIOS and enable “Speed Boot” or “Quick Boot” mode . Secondly you should have Hard disk as the first boot device in Boot Priority .
  • Run Msconfig in start button and disable any startup items that are unnecessary. Read the list carefully and do not audio video drivers or other essential start up items.
  • In the same Msconfig window you can click on Services tab and change the startup type to Automatic ( Delayed Start ) for the services that you do not need immediately upon startup.
  • If your system has more than one Operating systems installed , then you change the Timeout value of the Windows Boot Manager screen from default 30 seconds to something lower.
  • Right click on your computer , select Device Manager tab and disable all the devices that you do not use . This will increase the speed because the drivers are loaded at boot up ¬†.
  • And golden principle : Keep your antivirus updated and running . Needless to say that DO install an antivirus software.
  • Upgrade your RAM . This does magic to computer speeds.
  • Assign your computer a static IP if you are on a network. Dynamic IP allocation at boot up ¬†takes some time and increases boot time.
  • Invest in a solid state hard drive. The boot up speeds after installing solid state hard drive will amaze you.

These are just some of the ways that help you speed up your computer boot time.

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