How to Build a Website Without Blunders

how-to-build-a-websiteThere is no doubt that it is quite a challenge when it come to building websites but even bigger problem is to make that website really useful and usable for the visitors. Website designers quickly ignore one simple and important thing that websites are created to address users’ needs and not for their design satisfaction. Therefore, usability and practicality of a website should always be a higher priority than design creativity. This brings us to question of how to build a website with making any big blunders.

How to Build a Website – Secret Design Recipe

In this article, we will be discussing some of the biggest blunders that website builders and designers commit when making websites and learn how to build a website that addresses users’ needs without compromising on design creativity.

1. Ignoring Search Box

As websites grow bigger, it is a challenge to help users find the information quickly on a website and this where search box is really important. By providing a search box, you increase the chances for the visitors to find even the hidden information which is not easily available via navigation links.

2. Readability

This is a critical element of designing any website and something that must be of high importance when learning how to build a website that really grabs users’ attention. There is no doubt that users attention is grabbed via a good interface but in the end users will only become habitual in visiting a website if they can get the desired information in written form too. Avoid using strange and bizarre font styles which makes it difficult to read the content. It is best to use Sans Serif typeface because it is designed to make reading easier on the web. So improving legibility of presented information is important element in how to build a website.

3. Bad Navigation Scheme

Good website always provide seamless navigation making it easier for the visitors to find the desired information. The website must have consistent navigation. All navigation links should have textual description. Avoid making excessive use of JavaScript and Flash links. Navigation scheme used should be in line with the overall theme of the website. While it is possible to get creative with navigation for personal websites, business websites require more clarity and efficiency.

4. Inconsistency in Interface Design

It is vital in learning how to build a website without committing big mistakes that the interface should be consistent through out the website. Users will not feel in control of the website if the general look and feel of the website is not consistent across different pages.

5. Non optimized screen resolution

The next important thing in learning how to build a website is screen resolution. Modern website design simply abhors if the visitors is required to scroll horizontally. Try to ensure that your website is optimized for screen resolution 1024×768. Though it is even more desirable that the websites must have responsive design which will allow seamless conversion of layout according to device on which the website is viewed. This is even more important in recent times when more people are now visiting websites from their smartphones and other mobile devices.

In a nutshell, if you keep the visitor in mind while designing your website, you are less likely to commit these website design blunders.

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