How to Condition Your Prospects and Customers

When you already have customers and prospects, it is very important that you keep in touch with them as often as possible for you. Try to get people sign up on your email lists and then segment these subscribers based on the level of buying cycle they are so that you can message them in a more targeted way.

* Tell What to Expect – When you have a new subscriber to your email list or buys something, always send a Thank You email briefly explaining what they can expect from you in future emails. How often and about what they will hear from you in email? Give them some assurances and make concrete promises.

* Do What you Promised – And then it is important that you do exactly what you promised. For example do send them a newsletter on every Friday if you promised you will. If you switch the days on your own or you do not send, it will be confusing for your list. A lot of people soon forget if you do not keep in touch with them and soon they will report you for spam emails if you lose contact on a regular basis.

* Remind of What you Promised – Occasionally but regularly talk about what you had said in the beginning. By doing this, you will keep yourself in their memory and what you stand for. And it will also lead to building more trust.

* Let Them Know of Follow Through – When you do something that you had earlier promised, do tell your subscribers about it. ” I told you i will send you a review on XYZ product, so here it is”. This will lead your email list to believe that you mean what you say and therefore you can be trusted.

* Ask for Opinion – Once in a while ask for opinion of your readers and their input. Discuss with your audience if you are thinking of creating a new product. Ask for their opinion on the idea. Ask them what price they will be willing to pay for such a product. Also ask them what product or service they will like to see which you have not delivered so far.

* Tease about New Products – Always grab every opportunity to drop little hints and information about a new event, service or product. And while dropping the hints, make it really attractive for them so that they want it.

* Thank your Buyers – When someone answers your Call to Action or buys something, always send a thank you email. It is always a nice thing to say Thank You and moreover it gives you another opportunity to further introduce your products, services and information about yourself.

* Regular Follow Up – It is still not over even if you have successfully made a sale and thanked the buyer. It is a lot easier to convert one time buyer into a repeat buyers than converting a lead into a buyer. Cultivate your relationship with your buyers with even more care than you do with possible prospects and potential leads.

Most people need to be marketed a thing multiple times before they really take action. The more you prove true to your word and the more valuable your products and services are, the more your prospects and leads will look forward to hearing from you and your recommendations.

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