How to Create a Website in 5 Minutes With iPage Hosting

If you are not satisfied with your daily grinding job and want to establish your own online business, learning how to create your own website will be the first thing you will need to learn. But most of newbie internet entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by the thought of starting a website because they immediately see it as something extremely technical beyond the reach of people who are not computer geeks.

But let me assure you right at the outset that making a website is one of the easiest things in the world. With so many graphical tools provided by hosting control panels, website development has become a child’s play. So you should not be afraid of jumping in and trying to learn how to create a website. In this little tutorial i am going to show easy steps of how you can make  website. The biggest relief i am going to give you is that all of it is non technical and you will not be forced to learn any website maker or best website builder because you are going to learn to create your own website with the easiest tools in the whole world. 

 What do i need to Build a Website

In order to create a website we are going to need the following things: 

  • First of all you should get a domain name registered. This will be name of your website, typing which users will be able to come to your website. You can use many options to get registered a domain of your own choice. The place to go is and the domain should cost you at the maximum $12 per year. 
  • The second thing to do is to buy web hosting so that your website is online and accessible to people all over the world 24 hours a day because hosting companies will put your website on their Web Servers which are online 24 hours a day.There are many hosting companies out there but i will recommend that you buy hosting from iPage Hosting because this is one of the best companies out there. They are in business since 1998 and are hosting more than one million websites already. So many people hosting with them are in indication of their professionalism, reliability and quality. Click Here to buy hosting package from iPage. 
  • After you have bought your hosting package, the next most important thing to do is to point your nameservers to those of your hosting in your GoDaddy Domain Registration control panel. You can easily do this, if you find it difficult you can open a support ticket with GoDaddy and they will guide you or do this for you. Here is a short guide from GoDaddy for changing your nameservers to those provided by your hosting provider in the email that they sent you after creating your hosting account. 

OK but How do you Make a Website?

These were the basic requirements without which you can not go ahead and start building a website. The next step in creating a website is to log into admin panel of your hosting account at iPage. You should have already received the username and password for logging in. Go to iPage website and click on Log In Button and you will be presented with the following page to enter your username and password received in the email.

how to create a website


Once inside your dashboard, find WordPress icon shown in the icon, click it and you will be taken to the next screen. Hit the install button and you will be presented with a page where you will be asked to fill in a few options. 

  1. First select the latest stable version of wordpress.
  2. Then select the domain on which you want to install wordpress. Please leave the next field empty because if you write something there, the wordpress will be installed to that directory. 
  3. Next give a Title name to your website. 
  4. Next uncheck the box next to Generate me an Administrator login and enter the details manually and enter the username other than Admin and give in a difficult password. Here are some tips for strong passwords
  5. Check the Create Database Automatically. 
  6. Select the next agree to terms and conditions and hit the complete button. 

IT will take a few seconds and the next screen will give you details about your installation. Copy and save those details at a safe place because you will need these to login to your website. 



You have successfully created your first website. You can visit your website at It will not be having anything there but a simple default page but you can add content by going to and then creating posts and pages. 

So you have seen that it is really easy to learn how to create a website without even needing to learn how to design a website because all the design work is done automatically by WordPress. 

So stop worrying about creating a website and start creating it. Remember the four core steps of how to create a website in 5 minutes:

  1. Buy Domain
  2. Buy Hosting
  3. Change Nameservers of Domain
  4. Install WordPress



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