How to Create Email Accounts in Webmin

create email account webminWebmin is one of the best free control panels for server administration . It offers a very powerful yet simple interface for users to manage their servers and websites. Different services like email, mysql , web server and DNS etc can be managed from the interface. In this small tutorial , we are going to learn how to create email accounts using Webmin.

Step One:

From the menu on the left side of Webmin , click on System button and then further click on Users and Groups button.

Step Two:

Next click on link of ‘Create a new User’. You will be presented with a form where you need to fill in the necessary information related to the user for whom you want to create the email account. Given below are sample information which you will modify for any specific user.

Username (If you want to create an email address , give the value of username as ‘anyuser’)
– User ID: Preferred to leave this to automatic
– Real Name: Optional but good to identify users with named accounts
– Home Directory: Click on ?Directory? and set it to: /home/anyuser  . anyuser will change for every new user.
– Shell: Do not touch it and leave it as it is.
– Password: Next click on Normal Password and enter the desired password which will be saved in encrypted form.

There are some other values as well, which you may fill in if you require but as far as creation of email account is concerned, the above values are sufficient.

Step Three:

Next, you need to click on Create Account button and the new email will have been created.

The above tutorial clearly shows that it is not difficult to create email account in WebMin.

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