How to Define Your Content Theme

it is imperative that you have a cohesive theme or message throughout your online marketing outlets like your websites, sales pages, newsletters, and your website. The content theme that you promote should clearly spell out how your services or products are different from the competitors and how you are solving the problems of your niche audience in one voice across any channel.

* Find the Message Goal – When you are creating any message, you should be very clear right at the start about what is the goal of y our content. Are you going to engage, inform or try to get more signups for your email list or make a sale? Your goal can be anything but you should be very clear about it before you start writing the first words of your content.

* Understanding of Services and Products – You can create a product funnels after clearly working on understanding the buying cycle of your niche audience. By doing this, you will also be able to identify the gaps in your product funnel and once you know these, it becomes very easy to fill these gaps.

* Understand Your Audience – It is quite tempting to assume that you already are aware of everything about your audience because you have created some successful products for them or provided theme services. However, it will be very wrong to assume this. Always keep studying your niche audience so that you are always aware of the requirements and needs of your audience.

* Identify the Pain Points – While you will be studying the behavior of your audience, you will certainly come across certain question and pain points which your audience desperately needs solutions for. Then the services or products you offer should be targeted at solving these. Try to decrease or take away their pain and the focus of your content should be to explain how to do that.

* Analyze the Competition – It might sound naive to analyze your competition while you are developing your content theme, but this is one thing you should. Obviously you should never be copying what they have but just to understand that what type of content they have that is converting good. What is that secret that they are aware of and you should know that. What is something that you know and they still are not aware of?

* What Makes you Different – While creating your own content, keep focus on what distinguishes you from others in the competition. And try to keep a mention of that in the theory in subtle ways.

* Be Your Own Voice – What will be your voice is something that should be in your consideration early on. Are you going to be funny, serious or irreverent? This area is important in defining your content theme and this will take you miles ahead and help you develop your brand and identity online.

* Brainstorming – The message that you define overall is what provides a value preposition. And the value proposition remains the same even if your product changes. The main goal of your content theme remains how to solve the pain points of audience in your niche with diverse services and products of your own. You can help discover and identify the message by writing your mission statement.

Knowing clearly what you want to communicate to your readers is very helpful in framing your content theme which is also cohesive. This technique can be used to create any type of content for your business, be it white papers, blog posts, email autoresponders or information products.

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