How to Design a Website Effectively – 9 Principles

how-to-design-a-websiteAfter you have taken the decision that you want to build your own website, the next thing to think of is how to design a website in an effective manner? How to create a website effectively so that visitors keep returning back to your website. If the first encounter with a website is not pleasing, the visitor may not lime to come back again. Given below are a few tips which you should keep in mind while designing a website to make it more appealing and effective as far as design is concerned.

  • Stay away from making use of a lot of animations on website. Rather it is better if you do not use any animations at all because it gives an unprofessional look to website.
  • Frames are not the way how to design a website. Frames lead to a lot of redundant code and increase page load times.
  • Images used on the website should be at the least possible quality for speeding up website load times.
  • Most important content should be above the fold of the page so that user do not need to scroll down to get an idea about the website.
  • Provide easy navigation to all important sections of the website on every page.
  • Sections of the website should be created using table lay out. This will not alter the positioning of content in paragraphs or sections when user adjusts browser window size.
  • Common header and footer should be added to each page. This allows easy change of header or footer information at only one place.

Most of these best practices are already taken care of if you choose one of the premium wordpress themes. 

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