How to Disable Javascript in Chrome

Sometimes you will be visiting a website and when you try to right click on any link or image, you are greeted with the message that “Right click has been disable” or “No right click allowed” or other similar messages.

This is quite frustrating if you are trying to save a link or download something. This also does not allow you to open links in new tabs which is highly undesirable.

However, this can be fixed by simply changing a single setting Chrome browser and you will be able to disable JavaScript for a particular site in Chrome. It is not advisable that you disable JavaScript for all sites in your browser.

Here is how to disable JavaScript in Chrome:

Go to Google Chrome settings by clicking on the 3 dashes in the extreme upper right corner of your browser and then clicking on settings.

Once settings are opened, click on “Show advanced settings” at the bottom of the page.

Then click on Content settings under Privacy heading and click on “Manage Exceptions” under JavaScript. Enter the name of the website where you want to disable JavaScript and select from the “Behavior” as Block and hit on Done.

disable javascript in chrome

Now you can visit the website without worrying about the annoying messages because the JavaScript has been blocked for that particular website which throws up these messages.

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