How to Do Keyword Research – A Beginners Complete Guide

how to do keyword research

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Search engine traffic is highly targeted and highly convertible because visit your website after typing in their keyword in search engine box. And if you can somehow learn the art of understanding the keywords that lead to your website and how to rank for those keywords, then you will very soon be having a lot of search engine traffic headed towards your website. And the main secret foundation on which this model can be mastered if you know how to do keyword research.

By focusing on how to do keyword research and mastering it, you not only give your website an edge to rank higher in the search engines but also learn insights about your customers and visitors.

The key thing to keep in mind is that you should not be blindly trying to rank for any keywords for your website. It is more important that you rank for the right keywords for your website.

The right answer to the question of how to do keyword research is revolves around changing market demands, any significant market condition changes and the ever shifting focus of customers for web products and services.

When doing keyword research for your website, you should ask the following questions to yourself and choose keywords based on your own answers:

  • Is the keyword you are shortlisting has relevance to the subject and niche of your website?
  • Will the users be able to find the information on your website related to the keyword they will type in the search engines?
  • Will the information related to the keyword available on your website make them happy?
  • And more importantly, if you rank for the keyword you are selecting, will this contribute to improved financial rewards or other goals you have in your mind for your website?

If you get answers in yes to the above questions, then you can proceed ahead with choosing this keyword. However, before you do this, you also need to find the profit potential level for the keyword. Type the keyword in the search engines and see if there are many paid advertisement results on type and side bar of search results. Many results indicate that the keyword has high conversion rate and this profit potential forms the foundation of how to do keyword research.

Another technique you can employ to determine the profitability of the keyword is to buy a paid advertisement campaign for the keyword on Google Adwords and then see the conversion rates and profitability. If the ROI (return on investment) is good enough, you can confirm your earlier keyword research analysis and start focusing on the keyword.

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