How to Do Market Research for Your Website

doing market researchOne of the best way to always remain ahead of the competition is to do extensive and ever continuing market research for your website. By doing this, you will remain aware of the latest happening in your niche and can adjust your strategies according to new ground realities. There are more than 1 billion websites already out there. So the competition is very tough and you need to remain at the top of your game to become visible in this crowd. And for this you need to learn how to do market research for your website.

One big mistake that all unsuccessful website owners make is to target everyone on this earth without actually identifying their real audience. The end result is that no one notices your website and you are drowned in the noise of millions of websites. In order to make your website successful and to keep it growing, you need to be clearly identify who your website is for and what they like to read from you. By knowing your audience better, you can create better content that will be read, of value and be shared by your audience. And in order to create such quality content, doing market research for website is of the highest importance and the first step towards success.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important aspect of doing market research. Doing keyword research is sometime thought of as a technical issue. However, these keywords are actually what relates you with your audience. By doing deep keyword research, you can reach the minds of your audience and know what they are looking for. There are detailed articles on doing keyword research which is beyond the scope of this article on how to do market research for your website. However, some keyword tools that i can absolutely recommend are Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Market Samurai and LongTailPro.


Whatever analytics tools you use are ideal gateway to understanding your audience. You can know which pages are performing better, what is the demographics of your audience, what they are looking for etc from carefully going through analytics data. Some recommended tool are Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and StatCounter.

Analyzing the Competition

This is a shorter route to understanding what works and what is successful. By carefully analyzing the strategies that your competition employs you can know what can bring you success. For example, study the content strategy of your competition. What topics they cover, what writing style they follow, what is the length of their articles, what is the type of content that they are producing and who is linking to them. You can get a backlink analysis on the competition by tools like SemRush.

Users Feedback

Provide a Contact/feedback form on your website and encourage visitors to offer their feedback about what they like, what they do not like and what they will like to see on your website. You can also use Polls, Questionnaires and Social Media engagement to get feedback from your visitors. Asking questions on social media is an excellent way of doing market research for your website because millions of people are active on social media every day.

Keep Track of Social Media

Another excellent way about how to do market research for your website is to listen to the conversation happening on the social media. Keep track of what people are talking about your niche by using tools like Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics. Also keep track of the trending hashtags related to your niche because these reflect how your audience is feeling about something. Also join relevant groups on Google Plus and Facebook to keep yourself getting updates from those relevant to your interests. Be active int he conversation after joining top 5 groups/forums related to your niche and understand what your audience is in search of.

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