How To Download Torrents Anonymously

Torrents are a great way to download online content but they are increasingly becoming dangerous due to legal issues. This is a small tutorial on how to download torrents anonymously.

How Torrents Work :

When you are downloading something through your torrent client , you are downloading the file from different people through peer-to-peer network. Peers are the people that are connected to each other for downloading. In fact they are also uploading the torrent content they have downloaded for benefit of other peers. This is called torrent swarm. All the peers know each other’s IP address. Your IP address is your identity on the internet and its unique at one time . It can lead to identification of your location through your ISP logs. Additionally ISPs also throttle torrent traffic. Therefore, it is essential to download torrents anonymously to overcome these issues.

Why Torrents are Dangerous :

Since all the peers know each other’s IP address , therefore , anti-piracy groups also join a popular torrent and start logging people’s IP addresses to serve them legal notices or complain to their ISPs later on. Therefore , if you are using downloading torrents with your real IP address , you are not far from receiving a legal notice or getting embroiled into a law suit.

How to Download torrents Anonymously :

You might use public proxies to download torrents anonymously but they are generally very slow and unreliable. I would recommend that you use BT Guard . It is a service that gives you a proxy IP which is different from your real IP . All the peers will see your Proxy IP and even if logged by the anti-piracy agents, you will still be safe. BT Guard does not save any logs of your activity. Here is how BT Guard works :


BT Guard is unfortunately not free but it is worth its price and will save you from potentially thousands of dollars in legal fees. It is currently priced at  $6.95 per month. Once you have purchased your account , you are ready to go and configure your uTorrent client and download torrents anonymously. It should work on any uTorrent client that supports Socks5 proxy. Click on Preferences>Connection on uTorrent and select Proxy Server Type as Socks 5 and enter rest of the details as shown in the picture. Check Authentication and all other options to ensure your privacy on this screen . Add Proxy name as , Proxy Port as 1025 and next to authentication add your BT guard username and password . Check rest of the options on the screen as well. Hit Aplly button and then OK button . Exit uTorrent or your torrent client and restart it. You are now safe on Torrent frontiers and can download torrents anonymously.

Next check your browser IP at IP checking sites like etc and then check your torrent IP through . If both the IP addresses are different then you have successfully configured your BT Guard and now you can download torrents anonymously. Additionally you can also encrypt your traffic through your uTorrent client to stop ISPs from throttling your traffic. Click on Preferences>BitTorrent and enable Encryption as shown in the picture below. This is an addition to download torrents anonymously.


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