How to Download Youtube Videos – Easiest Way

How to Download Youtube Videos – Easiest Way

In this short tutorial , we are going to learn how to download youtube videos in the easiest possible way without requiring any technical knowledge. What we want to achieve is that we download youtube video without any hassle  so that you can watch  youtube video offline even when you are not online. This tutorial requires the following two things.

  1. You will use Firefox as your browser. If you have not installed Firefox so far , install it at your first convenience . It is the best internet browser with good security as well . You will also be decreasing your viruses and other security problems by installing Firefox. You can download and install Firefox from here.
  2. Either you have an flv player or you have VLC media player. If you have not installed VLC media Player , It is a highly recommended install. It would run virtually any audio and video format. Where all media players fail, VLC will work. You can download and install VLC from here.

Step 1:

Open your firefox browser and click here. This will take you the the firefox addons website of Easy Youtube Video Downloader as shown below . Click on Add to firefox Button.

This will open the next window. In this window , Click on install and let the addon install. It will take about a minute on average.

Next Firefox will ask to restart itself to apply changes. Click on Restart Firefox  and wait for the firefox to restart. Your addon has been successfully installed and now you are ready to download youtube videos the easiest possible way for viewing offline.

Step 2:

Go to youtube and click on your favorite video which you want to download. You will see that a new button Download As is appearing at right bottom corner of the video.

Click on the black arrow and it will give you options to save your video either in different formats. Please download video either in FLV or HD format because other formats require conversion and involve additional steps which i will explain in some other tutorial. When you click on FLV or HD , your download shall start . Wait for it to finish.

Step 3:

Your video has been saved at your download location , which in my case was Desktop. If you are not sure of your download location , then right click on your video in the above download window and click on open containing folder and it will take you to your newly downloaded youtube video.

Step 4:
Double Click the video or Open With VLC player and enjoy your video.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it will  help you in downloading youtube videos in the easy way. In case of any queries you may contact me through the comment box and i will be more than willing to share whatever i know.

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