How to Drive More Customers to Your Website

Most difficult of all problems in internet marketing is to drive customers to your website. While you might be selling a product of very high quality on your website, if no one knows that your website exists and that you have a product to sell, it will not bring in any revenue.

First of all you  need to address the following questions:

  • Are you clear about WHO are your customers?
  • WHY they will buy your product?
  • Do you know the place WHERE you can reach your customers?
  • Are there are specific times WHEN there are higher chances of them buying?
  • Do you know HOW to sell them?
  • And are you sure of WHAT you are selling

These might appear to be very basic questions but these must be answered in all truth because in these answers lies the answer to your own question of how to drive customers to your website. Because if you do not know the answers, you will be told three basic things by everyone you will seek advice from: Improve SEO of your website, go for Pay per Click advertising and engage on social media.

While all these things bring customers but the best strategy can only be selected if you know the answers to the above five questions first. After all there is a difference between customers and traffic.

As a matter of fact, successful marketers do not drive customers to their websites. They actually attract customers by showing to them that they are persons of interest. For example, you may like to have a look at the viral YouTube video from CEO of Dollar Shave Club. The video is a bit comic but has led to amazing customers to the website.

One solution does not fit all. After answering the basic questions, you can further explore any of the following options, keeping in view your budget as well:

  • Video marketing by creating interesting videos
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Engaging on Social Media
  • Free webinars with a bit of marketing towards the end
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Facebook advertising
  • Classified ads
  • Email marketing because in the end you would want to have your own list to market your products to.




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